Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Overview of Services

The MIT Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) is MIT’s one-stop shop for conducting human research. HealthLab is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with an extensive array of clinical and technical equipment and expertise to meet your human research needs, including MD, NP, RN, Research Scientists, Engineers and Technician expertise

The CCTR facility includes:

  • Health Lab(E25-201) clinical standard of care and research equipment for data collection and research development.
    • EKG, EMG (Delsys Trigno)
    • Blood pressure monitoring devices
    • Clinical ultrasound (GE Logiq E10)
    • Phlebotomy
    • Specimen Processing Lab
    • Short Term storage of tissues and specimens (-20, -80 freezers)
  • Motion Capture Suite(E25-138)
    • Qualisys motion capture suite equipped with synchronized force plates and a clinical grade fall harness and treadmill. The motion capture system is a maker-based motion capture system.
    • The optical tracking system consists of a series of infrared (IR) cameras that track IR reflective markers within the enclosed space. IR markers must be placed on the subject to track 3D motion.
    • 4 Bertec force plates (synchronized with Qualisys system) 
    • HandiCare fall harness 
    • Phillips ReCare medical grade treadmill
    • Raised flooring system to support movement sensor testing
  • Device Workshop: (E25-134) supports device development and iteration
    • Rapid-prototype custom devices and parts on-site
    • Quickly modify or repair research devices on-site
    • Equipment-specific training and mentoring
  • Research Observation Suite:
    • Live monitoring of studies
      • Allows for observation of research activities
      • Facilitates the E-consent process
    • High-definition video and audio recording
      • Record research activities
      • Record professional education modules
      • Record study recruitment videos and participant-informing content
    • Broadcast live video of research activities via Zoom
    • Remote observation of studies by team, family, or quality control group
    • Present live presentations and theses with exceptional quality
    • Transmit live images from HDMI-output devices
  • Clinical Instrumentation Suite:
    • Reconfigurable ultrasound system (Verasonics Vantage 256)
    • CIRS ultrasound phantoms.
    • Impedance analyzer (Keysight E4990A),
    • high frequency oscilloscope (Tektronix MSO64 6-BW-8000) and arbitrary waveform generator (Tektronix AWG5202), power amplifiers (E&I 2200L, E&I 411LA, E&I LO-Z-6), National Instruments PXI box set, continuous wave laser (Koheras ADJUSTIK),  Laser doppler vibrometer (Polytec vibroFlex), optical component analyzer (Luna LCA 500),
    • Remote sensing doppler vibrometer (Polytec VibroFlex)
  • Cell Shop: (E25-217) designated for biological work. The space includes designated spaces for safe chemical and cell culture work.
    • Biosafety cabinet,
    • incubator,
    • centrifuges,
    • fridge, and
    • -20 and-80 freezers are available for culturing and storage for biological specimen.


Elazer Edelman M.D. Ph.D. (Executive Director)
Catherine Ricciardi DNP, ANP-BC (Director of Clinical and Research Operations and Clinical Research, Nurse Practitioner)
Brian Anthony, Ph.D. (Senior Research Scientist) 
Bee Watkins, M.Ed (Program and Operations Manager) 

Clinical and Technical Research Experts

Catherine Ricciardi DNP, ANP-BC (Nurse Practitioner)
Tatiana Urman MSN, RN (Senior Clinical Research Nurse)
Xiang (Shawn) Zhang Ph.D. (Research Scientist) 
Evan Linton, MS (Clinical Research Technologist)


Hours: Monday -Friday: 8:30AM - 5PM

Location: 45 Carleton Street, Cambridge, MA. 
E25-201 and E25-131

Phone: 617-253-6331

Center of Clinical and Translational Research



Name Role Phone Email Location
Catherine Ricciardi, DNP, ANP-BC
Director of Clinical and Research Operations, Certified Nurse Practitioner
MIT E25-201
Tatiana Urman, MSN, RN
Senior Clinical Research Nurse
MIT E25-201
Bee Watkins, M.Ed
Program and Operations Manager